I have used ScopEndo for a number of years. The multiple drop-down windows provide access to add-on templates and a quick response for generating a report. Extremely good quality pictures can be added to the reports to referring physicians. The software is reliable, easy to learn and use, and the developer has provided excellent service, back-up and updating.

Dr. R. Webster, M.D. / FRCP

I have used ScopEndo for five years and can thoroughly recommend it as an excellent tool for Endoscopists. It's major strength is that is a well ed thought out, easily usable program for doctors who are not particularly computer savvy. The templates for consults and endoscopy reports are easy to set up and can accommodate the idiosyncrasies of multiple physicians. I think however that its greatest attribute is the ability to capture images of pathology in the colon and landmarks and present them in the written report. No one can say that a lesion in the cecum was missed if there is an image of the cecum on the report. It also aids referrals when images of a lesion tattooed or otherwise marked can be sent to the surgeon. As a quality control parameter for endoscopy it is to be commended.

Dr. Phillip Barron / General Surgery and Gastroenterology

I think this system is very good. It's easy to use and it prints out great reports. Updates are continuous.

Margaret Cairns R.N / Nurse Manager

I use ScopEndo for data entry and scheduling. It is extremely user friendly. I have used other Endoscopy software and this is by far the best.

Jennifer Whelan / Office Manager